About Birdie

Where can I read my favorite Birdie books?

All of my books are available for free on Wattpad...for now!

What was your inspiration for Aerial?

I was in the middle of outlining Kismet when my friend Anna suggested the idea of a lead that's an acrobat in need of a new partner. I sat on the idea for a few months, then went to a circus performance with my mother, and one of the silk aerialists fell about twelve feet from the air mid-performance and they had to stop the show entirely. When everyone was sadly and anxiously filing out of the theatre, ambulances were roaring up with their sirens blaring, and I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. It was like a nudge from the universe to write the story. As soon as I was finished with Kismet, I switched my focus to Aerial and I'm so glad I did!

If I send you an Email or DM or Letter, will you read it?

I love hearing from my readers! But due to the large volume of messages I receive, I can't always respond, although I do my best to try. I do run my own Instagram account, and try my best to reply to messages there, but it's unlikely I'll see anything via Twitter. If you're reaching out with a specific request, you should direct that to my agents! If you're reaching out for a problem with my merchandise, email me here!

Is your name actually Birdie?

Nope! Birdie is my pen name and my nickname, but my name is Emily! You can still call me Birdie though!

I read ________ on Wattpad, but I want a physical copy! Where can I get one?

Hang in there! I want physical copies too! I'll have updates for you soon!

What writing advice can you give me?

Write as if no one will read it and write as if everyone will read it. Do a little bit each day, even if it’s just a sentence, to make sure you are connecting with your characters. It may be tricky to find that balance of taking breaks and delving deep, but remember that the world needs art and your input will always have value. Rest when your mind tells you to and explore when it feels good. Do it for yourself and share it when you feel brave.

How do you get through writers block?

I used to be very short-tempered with myself when I couldn’t string a sentence together or calm my thoughts enough to even want to be inside of my own brain, but then I began to realize that those moments of writer’s block are actually respite. It’s necessary to refill the creative tank with the seemingly unrelated world around you and discover how connected it all actually is. When I’m stuck, I talk to my friends, watch films and read books, listen to podcasts, go on long walks in an unusual setting, cook or bake, thrift shop or buy records, yoga, dance, meditate. Do something new. Smoking weed often shines some light… but maybe that’s just me.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on the Double Encore for Aerial. After that I’d love to do another little time hop to one of the best decades of all time in one of my favorite cities of all time. Think neon, b-horror enthusiasm, cloudy skies, chocolate milk, bikes, boomboxes, video rental stores.

How do I get permission to adapt one of your works?

I'm flattered by everyone who loves my stories enough to want more than what's on the page! To discuss rights to my works, reach out to my agents!

Who is your agent?

I have two! Olivia and Krista are really helpful when it comes to all things publishing. If you have a publishing-related inquiry, that's who you want to reach out to.

My Order

I ordered from your store, when will it get to me?

Your shipping information should be in the confirmation email you received! All of my merch ships internationally, so shipping time varies depending on where you are! If you're still having trouble with your order, send me an email! It takes about a week for your order to be fulfilled, and then another week or two to arrive. Due to COVID, please allow for additional shipping time due to delays. Domestic deliveries might need an extra week, international deliveries may take up to a month.

How can I track my order from your store?

You should receive a tracking number in your email once your order ships!

The merch I ordered is all wrong, what do I do?

Oh no! We don't want that! Email me and I'll get to the bottom of that!

What are your shipping and return policies?

You can find those policies right here!

Do you ship internationally?

I sure do!